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Live Review: Good Strategy, Bad Strategy

16 February 2022 13:00 EDT

Join us for our first Strategy Books live event! 16 February at 1pm EST! And it’s free to attend!

I’ll be reviewing Richard Rumelt’s fascinating book “Good Strategy, Bad Strategy.”

Strategy Books is where you hear about the most relevant books related to strategy. New releases, timeless classics and overlooked gems are all food for fodder. If you love books, care about making a difference, and want a guide to managing your to-be-read pile, you’ll want to tune in.

Every two weeks, Strategy Books will be hosting a live event on Linked In. We’ll be reviewing a book from the field of strategy. That’s a large tent, and we go wide and deep into the topics that make up what it takes to get difficult things done well in complex environments.

Join us on 16 February for our first broadcast review. Mark Mullaly dives into Richard Rumelt’s “Good Strategy, Bad Strategy.”

If you’ve every thought that ‘strategy’ was an overused word, but have struggled to define reasonable boundaries that delineate what strategy should be, this is a review that you will want to check out (and probably a book that you will want to read!)

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