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Live Review: Diffusion of Innovations

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If you have ever heard about early adopters, then you have encountered reference to this book. Diffusion of Innovations is the landmark classic on how innovations are socialized, popularized and adopted (or not).

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We talk a lot about creativity and innovation, and the compelling need for more of it. We also continually lament the challenge of successfully managing change. These are not new topics, nor are they separate. The introduction of innovation has a long and storied history, and this book is the foundational text.

If you want to understand what is required to have innovation be adopted, you’ve come to the right place. Everett Rogers provides a comprehensive look at the challenge of socializing and building acceptance for the adoption of innovations as varied as agricultural practices, public health policies and new product offerings. Grounded in research, well illustrated with story, and packed with helpful advice.

If you want to better understand how ideas are adopted and new ways of working get accepted, you will want to check out this review.

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