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Mark Mullaly

I have been a passionate reader all of my life. Books have been a source of refuge and a place for inspiration. Books have comforted me, and they have challenged me. I have found reassurance and guidance in them, and also inspiration and motivation.

That is not to say that all books are created equal. For every book that I’ve found to be exceptional, there have been many more that have been just competent. There are a few that are barely adequate. Some inspire nothing more than rage and despair. 

It can be difficult to separate the awesome from the awful. If your to-be-read pile looms as large as mine does, you know the pain of finding that perfect next read. I want to help with that, which is where this site comes in.

I’ve been a management consultant for more than thirty years now. That has created the opportunity to work with clients across Canada and around the world in making strategy work, creating organizational capabilities that deliver lasting results and delivering complex and difficult projects successfully. An initial background in project management has expanded to encompass a comprehensive understanding of strategy, decision making and organizational dynamics.

What I have learned in that time is that delivering success consistently takes insight, work and discipline. Best practices don’t exist, but there are better practices that serve well in different situations. Context is everything, and the right answer almost always depends. The successful executive is one that knows what to look for, has a range of insights to bring to bear and is able to make the right call on the most relevant approach in the moment.

I’m thrilled to share my expertise, insights and favourite books here. I hope you enjoy.

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