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Books have been always been a passion. Strategy is a vocation. Combining the two seems inevitable.

StrategyBooks is where you can stay current on what’s new. As well as what’s not-so-new. We look past fads and trends to connect with ideas that matter. We explore the books that make a difference and provide the guidance necessary to bring strategy to life.

Some are new and some are classics. Every one is unique, valuable and makes a difference. Books that are powerful, not just popular.

We paint strategy with a broad brush. You’ll find interesting, eclectic and meaningful works. We’ll share our perspective on why each book matters, what it means and how it contributes. Build connections, find insights and get ideas. Go deep into the books that shape and define what strategy is, how it works and why that matters.

This site is a project of Interthink Consulting. It’s been built with care, thought, attention and a little bit of whimsy, to provide a home for all those that love books, live strategy and strive to make a difference in the world. If that’s you, welcome. We’re thrilled that you have found us, and welcome you to our community.

Every couple of weeks, we record a new episode. Usually, those are dedicated to a particular book. Sometimes, we’ll dive into several books that share a common theme or contrasting perspectives. You will also likely catch the occasional interview with an industry leader, sharing their insights about the books that have mattered most to them.

What you can expect from each review includes an exploration of:

Episodes go out live, and you’re welcome to join us then. The complete archives can be accessed here, any time you like. 

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