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Review: Think Again

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We often define intelligence as what we know. Whether playing along with Jeopardy, engaging in debate in the boardroom or betting on a fact with our friends over drinks, the ability to recall, recount and know information is prized. We are attracted to ideas that make us feel good, and options and perspectives that conform with our own.

The challenge is, how do we rethink, challenge and unlearn what we believe? What is our willingness to hold our beliefs and perspectives up to the light, question their formation and their implication, and be willing to change them? In particular, how do we let go of ideas that no longer serve us well, and develop new perspectives and insights, even ones that challenge our previously held notions?

If youโ€™re curious about why we think the way we do, and how people change their minds, this is a review you will want to check out.

Buy it on Amazon: Think Again by Adam Grant

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